Miniture furniture for kids birthday parties and DIY dinosaur party invite inspiration

Well, we don’t know about you but we couldn’t think of a better time to brighten up the world. Today we’re doing that with a share of this sweet and stylish DIY dinosaur party. Practising social distancing may be getting you down at the moment, especially if you’ve had to cancel plans for an upcoming celebration. So, scroll on for five ways you can get this styled look set up for a stay-home celebration. 

DIY dinosaur party stationery inspiration and tropical foliageDIY dinosaur birthday party with emerald green velvet lounge pieces and brightly coloured rananculusDIY dinosaur party inspiration and dessert table

Girls can do dinos too!

Perhaps not the most conventional theme choice for a little girl’s 5th birthday, but that’s exactly why we love this idea so much. This DIY dinosaur party was the hit of the season for sweet Elena, who got to celebrate with her guests at the gorgeous Art Gallery of Hamilton.  

With a magnifying glass and scavenger hunt checklist in hand, her friends followed footprints leading to the pavilion party space. It might feel like this is one aspect you’ll need to scratch with social distancing.  Read on for a creative way to involve other kids in the celebration:

From styled celebration to stay-home simplified.

Step one: Pack simple kits of cut out footprints, simple dino eggs, party hats and favours. Drop these off on the porches of your party guests ahead of time.

Step two: Speak to the moms of your little guests ahead of time and make sure they are ok with helping you set up your virtual celebration. Ask them to hide the footprints around their homes and get your guests to use their magnifying glasses to follow them up to their gift bags. Better yet, get them to hide the eggs outdoors to get discovered. 

Step three: Set up a time that everyone signs in to a zoom call and get your guests to crack open their dino eggs together. Your guests can also get their hats and you can have a cake cutting at this time too. It won’t be the same as an in-person celebration, but all the guests getting to do the same thing will be a fun and unique experience. Imagine the stories they will be able to tell about this 5th birthday for years to come.

DIY dinosaur party tropical foliage and summer blooms floral inspiration

To kick off Elena’s day, guests arrived, signed in and received their favourite dino to join them for the day. Parents relaxed in our Warehouse84 emerald velvet lounge while the kids made dino hats and unearthed dino fossils at the craft table with the assistance of the AGH staff. One easy way to incorporate this in your stay-home celebration? Simply freeze small plastic dinosaurs for an excavation activity. Ideally, you could use egg-shaped moulds but keep things simple and the kids will have fun no matter what. 

DIY dinosaur party hats

DIY dinosaur party decor

The decor for Elena’s day was designed around a tropical collection of large textured foliage with palms, monstera and colourful crotons, accented with brightly coloured ranunculus. These added a feminine but whimsical touch to the day. We set up miniature guest tables from Petite Occasions in the party space of the gallery. Dappled pops of colour lined lush emerald velvet table cloths from Simply Beautiful Decor thanks to sunny shades of ranunculus. This probably feels like an overwhelming aspect to re-create at home. Enter brightly coloured craft paper. 

Grab a couple of pages of green to cut out a few tropical leaves to make a garland and get the kids involved in creating decor concepts for the walls of your home. A quick Pinterest search will point you in direction of easy DIY dino party hats that would be perfect to include in a porch gift bag drop off too. We love the idea of supporting local and there are many local greenhouses currently offering curbside pickups for you to include fresh florals. It’s also a good idea to look around your home and gather what you have to use for tablescapes and decor. Chances are you’ll totally surprise yourself at what you already have available to make your space special for the day.

DIY dinosaur party art gallery of hamilton DIY dinosaur party art gallery of hamilton party space DIY dinosaur party art gallery of hamilton party space DIY dinosaur party inspiration

Dino favour “Do’s and Don’ts.”

For Elena’s day, we wanted everyone to get to enjoy the day inside and out of the venue.  Guests, young and old enjoyed our lawn games of Jenga and corn hole, while the birthday girl and her friends excitedly hunted for dino eggs in the garden. These eggs were filled with treats that became party favours to take home. With Easter around the corner, you’ll likely be able to pick up a couple of packs of plastic egg moulds. They don’t have to be as custom as Elena’s, but we do suggest you fill those dino eggs with lots of treats and you’ll be guaranteed lots of smiles. You can include these in the gift bags to double up as dino favours.

DIY dinosaur party inspiration DIY dinosaur party inspirationDIY dinosaur party inspiration

Dinosaur party custom cookies and dessert table decor

DIY dinosaur party desserts (done at home)

Sweet Celebrations made sure this party was one to remember. Concrete eggs shells filled with chocolate dinos and dino cake pops accompanied Elena’s beautiful cake set against our foliage backdrop. The custom-designed dessert table is one we admit won’t be easy to beat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do dinos your own way.

DIY dinosaur party inspiration DIY dinosaur party inspiration DIY dinosaur party dessert table inspiration DIY dinosaur party inspiration

Keep things simple with your setup and mirror levels of whatever you decide to set up. For a celebration with no guests there in person, it may not make sense to set anything elaborate up. Use your discretion, think beyond the dessert table and do something simple. We love the idea of a donut tower covered in plastic dinos or simple cake pops decorated by the kids. If you have dinosaur cookie cutters on hand, make use of them for cookie decorating ahead of the dino party, or include it as a birthday activity. But our top tip for doing this dino celebration at home?

Draw from this Dino theme, then do it your way!

Don’t feel pressured to recreate every element you see. Draw from it then make it your own and know that no matter what age or gender, you can do a dino party for your child again another year. It’s a theme that truly can be recreated in any way you can imagine.

So stress less and keep it simple. Try to soak up this special time with your child, despite having to change plans and have a stay-home celebration. You’ll have so many stories to tell around the dinner table about “that year they turned x years old and you had a party at home during a pandemic.” We hope you’ll look back and laugh and that it’s so much fun that your birthday girl (or boy) asks to do the same thing next year!

DIY dinosaur party DIY dinosaur party inspiration DIY dinosaur party inspiration DIY dinosaur party inspiration

Photography: Karyn Louise Photography

Lounge : warehouse 84

Florals and styling: warehouse 84

Planning: Shaw events

Venue: Art Gallery of Hamilton

Stationery: DM stationery

Sweets + cake: Sweet Celebrations

Linens: Simply Beautiful

Children’s tables + Chairs: Petite Occasions