Whether its an entrance to your ceremony, the setting to your sweets table or the frame work for your photo booth a backdrop can add a wonderful and creative element to your next event. It allows you to set the stage for family and friends and builds a beautiful setting for pictures to capture the memories of your day. With wedding trends constantly changing we see backdrops of all shapes and sizes and the materials to create them are endless. Some gravitate towards the soft flow of ribbons gathered and tied at various lengths that blow in the breeze and catch the light with their movements.



Others prefer something more solid to break up a space and help focus attention on a special area such as the cake, head table or signing area. Although many venues offer a variety of different stations for their clients, there are very few that offer a variety of settings that can be easily distinguished in photos. Using interesting backdrops allows you to personalize each area while props add the finishing details and complete the theme.



This vintage set of doors not only offers protection from the sun but creates an incredible space for this beautiful cake to become the centre piece. Left on its own the cake would simply be lost to the surrounding open space. Instead in is now on display waiting patiently for fantastic picture of the cake cutting ceremony




Another growing trend for 2014 is the ever popular chalk board signs. This too can become an incredible tool as a back drop for a photo booth or a light hearted ceremony. It is a medium that allows the couple to share special dates and places they hold dear. It may become the program for the ceremony including all of the wedding parties names or it may it might just share personal information and special details with guests without ever having to say a word. Customized to fit your venue this backdrop can be anything but ordinary.

Last but not least there is the ever popular glamorous backdrop that adds light and creates an ambiance to set the mood for the entire evening. Lighting can be an incredible backdrop that adds sparkle, sets the mood and illuminates the room all at once. Considered a more neutral element the lighting can transition from Urban Glam to Rustic elegance with little effort. Here Cafe lights have been strung vertically in this century barn to create a warm and intimate glow for the private setting for two.

dinner for two| props, furniture and styling by Warehouse 84

props, furniture and styling by Warehouse 84 | Florals by Sue Gallo Designs

Think of a backdrop as the frame work that will encompass all of the memories you will be capturing on film. They not only provide you with a more intimate and personal setting but they can give you and your photographer the opportunity to change lighting and colour affects with little effort. Take the time and plan ahead, decide on a theme, set the stage, rent a few backdrops and most importantly have fun…