Vintage Tea Party styled by Warehouse 84 and photographed by New Town Images


I’m constantly asked where my inspiration comes from and the answer remains the same – nature.  What is more beautiful than the fresh green of a spring leaf emerging or the colours bursting to life in the gardens.  Its days like this that I enjoy the most and feel privileged to share so when Stefanie from New Town Images called and asked if I was interested in Styling a shoot for her I jumped at the chance to work together.  Funny thing is, it all started with a picture of a tent (which you’ll see soon enough).  Stefanie called and said she’d like to shoot a children’s tea party set in natural light.  Something that can be playful and asked if I could come up with a few ideas.  Well thats when the real fun started for me.

You see my saying is that if I don’t have it, I can likely find it and if I can’t find it I’ll make it.  And so the journey started, creating a vintage tea party complete with sweets, tea and time to play all styled by Warehouse 84 and beautifully captured in photos by New Town Images.


Tea Party Shoot 47

One of my favourite items is our rustic table that still holds memories of white, soft coral and robin egg blue paint flakes.  Topped with a hand made runner, the table was set with fine china and silverware to serve our esteemed guests of the forest.


Tea Party Shoot 54

Inspired by nature and set on location at Warehouse 84 we were able to bring in accents of white and pink apple blossoms and serve the freshest of field ripe berries.  Our newly reclaimed coral chairs were wrapped in spring green ribbon and white apple blossoms to decorate each place seating for our special guests.


Tea Party Shoot 46 Tea Party Shoot 51


Adding to the already beautiful day was the opportunity to step back in time and daydream about stories shared.  Taking a moment to remember what it was like to be a child and see through a child’s eyes.  Using the imagination to create characters like our photography bear or our tea drinking bunny getting set to travel.


Tea Party Shoot 61


Tea Party Shoot 62


Tea Party Shoot 65


Of course no tea party would be complete without sweets.  Our vintage enamel top table is the perfect fit for a playful sweets station and the antique window frame creates a beautiful backdrop.  Chocolate covered marshmallow pops, sprinkles and more, temp the tastebuds while ripe berries catch the rays of the sun and remind us of the season.  Cold milk and good friends is all that it takes to complete the scene of enjoying a day in the country.


Tea Party Sweets table

Tea Party Sweets table


Tea Party Sweets table

Tea Party Sweets table


And now back to the beginning (the tent).  When we started out on this journey Stefanie of New Town Images showed me a picture of a child’s tent and asked if I had something similar we could use.  Well I fell in love at first glance and started out to create our very own.  This Patchwork tent in shades of pale blue, yellow, antique green and blush became a labor of love that the girls so enjoyed.  Set amongst the trees as if their own secret forest of woodland friends Stefanie captured moments that will be cherished.

Hope you enjoy!

Tea Party Shoot 23

Tea Party

Tea Party

Tea Party

Vintage Furniture, Props and Styling – Warehouse 84 | Photography – New Town Images