Vintage sets for Family Photos | Brantford Rentals

February 1, 2014  |  photography set styling

It was the big day!  The first photo shoot held here on location at Warehouse 84.  The leaves had just started turning and the fields were tipped with fall colour.  The sun was out in full force and families were just starting to arrive.  You see, our original date had been rained out so we were ecstatic to be able to enjoy the sunshine which made for the perfect afternoon.  Happily I spent the morning bringing together furniture and props from our rental warehouse to create some fun sets for our very special clients, the kids of course.  Theres simply nothing better than watching kids be kids and being able to step back and appreciate life’s most amazing gift.

Here are just some of incredible shots captured by Stefanyie from Heart to Heart Photography that we can’t wait to share.  From the special moment shared between a Mother and daughter to a beautifully framed belly that was due in only days.



Precious moments with Mom, getting set to become a new big sister. One of our vintage frames encapsulating the most amazing miracle life has to offer.


Next we styled the sets for the movers and shakers, kicking it up a notch and working in props and rentals that the kids could enjoy.  I love these playful shots on our vintage trunks and the kids were fantastic.  Watch out Stefanyie, it looks like you might have some competition.

vintage cameras, trunks and suitcases

vintage props


And what little girl doesn’t like dress up?   These little ladies had a spectacular afternoon dressing and accessorizing then topped it off with a tea party set for two.  The party was complete with vintage trunks and luggage,  blankets and of course the popular silver tea service.  Dolls and toys were brought from home to bring a personal touch to the set while each detail was captured beautifully.

vintage tea party


I have to say that theres nothing better than a warm fall afternoon to inspire a fantastic day styling sets for families wanting to capture their own special moments.  Thank you to all of the families for sharing with us at Warehouse 84 and for Stefanyie from Heart to Heart photography for the spectacular shots that we will all be able to share.