Interest in Pinterest

February 1, 2014  |  trends



Being in the design industry for more than 15 years I’ve seen trends come and go and colours fade in and out and I have watched the age of social media and the computer generation develop into the mega influence it is today.  We have google, facebook, twitter etc. and lets not forget the ever popular Pinterest.  Yes I said it.  We’re all guilty of life’s inspirational pleasures and I for one am all for it.


Wedding Inspiration Mood Board #14 {Emerald, Lime, Sunflower, Lemond} by Elizabeth Andres Designs in Dubai.


I believe in sharing thoughts, ideas and inspirations as every person takes the same idea and personalizes it to make it their own.  We all have our own creative style and its important that we continue to feed and nurture it to be able to express ourselves.  Its more important however, to recognize that the inspiration photos you may see on Pinterest are often the culmination of a team of individuals that have invested numerous hours of work preparing product, sourcing locations, styling sets and creating props to build the perfect picture or collection of pictures to catch your attention.  Each moment captured has been strategically planned, styled and staged which often means that capturing that same shot, lighting, styled set is next to impossible.


Wedding Inspiration Mood Board # 17 {Copper and Lavender} by Elizabeth Andres Designs in Dubai.


The reality is that Pinterest is a visual tool that provides you with the basic ideas to build your own moments. It is a look book of sorts to follow trends, catalogue ideas and create your very own virtual event as you plan for the real thing.  To help in your quest consider an idea/style board for each area of your event.  For each board build your list starting with colour, primary areas for decorating, ideas for finishing details and personal touches such as props, additional furniture, floral decor, ideas for photography sets and possible lighting for day or evening.  Here are just a few areas to consider depending on the event you are working with.


Dressing rooms  |  Ceremony  |  Reception  |  Lounge Area  |  Bar/Cocktails

Signing Table  |  Sweets/Cake Table  |  Rest Rooms  |  Dance Floor  |  Games Area

Heavily traveled Pathways  |  Stylized sets for photographs


In the end, its important to recognize that no two people are alike as no two pictures or events will be alike.  Use your style boards as a foundation to build on.  Bring them to your meetings with planners, designers, stylists and photographers so that they can get a better sense of your style, likes and dislikes.  This is simply your first step, a collage of sorts that your team of professionals will walk you through step by step to identify what will work and what won’t.  Your boards will assist each professional in making real recommendations based on information that you have compiled which means you make the most of your time and theirs.  Happy planning.